Wednesday, October 05, 2005

an idea whose time has come....

in the grand scheme of public art, it seems a surprise that it's taken until now for guerrilla artists to meld the old-school world of grafitti with the all-media ready cellphone craze.

enter grafedia...

imagine being able to hyperlink text far from your computer--imagine having the ability to scratch out words in chalk, or in newspaper ads, or in sharpie and have anyone who happens by be able to "click" for more information. that's the idea behind grafedia.
Grafedia is hyperlinked text, written by hand onto physical surfaces and linking to rich media content - images, video, sound files, and so forth. Viewers "click" on these grafedia hyperlinks with their cell phones by sending a message addressed to the word + to get the content behind the link.

How does it work?

1. You have a product that you want to share, a message that you want to broadcast, a piece of art that can't be held back.

2. You log on to and upload audio or visual imagery about that product, message, or art, and select a keyword that speaks to you.

3. Once your idea is on the web, you leave your computer, and your home, and you publicize the idea by writing the keyword underlined in blue around your city/town/block.

4. You walk away...and leave others to discover your creation. When they do, they send a text message from their video-ready cellphone to "yourword" And they get a message back almost immediately with an image or audio file that tells them more about your idea. still not sure what it means? try texting a blank message (or emailing one) to groovy, huh?

Sound too simple to make an impact? consider this:

You can make street art with grafedia, or just leave behind simple calling cards for others wherever you go. You can have running dialogues between authors, or create interactive narratives or poetry in public spaces. Grafedia is a boundless, interactive publishing platform, base, cheap, and easy to use. It is an open system - the places and ways to use it are limitless.

a genius of an idea that is the brainchild of John Geraci at NYUs interactive telecommunications program, grafedia gives people the opportunity to make the physical world a living, breathing part of the world wide web. grafedia just might be the product that shifts the general perception of the web as "different" from the "real world." after all, how can the two be different when there is so much common content?


fix your jones for being ahead of the trend curve @ and john geraci's homepage

Posted by sarah t. at 1:43 PM


  1. Blogger Michael Orr posted at 2:32 PM  
    Great post jonesy!
  2. Blogger sarah t. posted at 2:59 PM  
    thanks! i thought you might like it!
  3. Blogger Magda posted at 11:33 PM  
    whoa... two in a row... and awesome. Someone needs to blog about your genius! hmmmm...
  4. Blogger Skye Powers posted at 5:35 PM  
    Well said Jones, that would have been an awesome idea when I still lived in NY. When I rediscover the city,I'll definately be scribbling. :)

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